More Concise Review Summary?

It is pretty annoying to see results from a few hours ago in my review summary, let alone ones from almost a day ago. Is there any way to limit the scope of this summary page, so it can be more useful in actually summarizing the session I just finished?


I hope it doesn’t change. Right now the 24hr summary is very useful to me as it gives me a good snapshot barometer of how solid my recent grammar reviews have been and serves as an important input in my decision-making to add or not add new grammar points for the day. If it ever is changed, I hope it becomes a toggle on the settings page where people can set their own preference so I can keep the 24hr view. I do understand the desire for immediate reinforcement of correct answers for reviews just completed, but I’d much rather wait and see the correct answer when it comes up next time in regular reviews. Similarly, while using WK, I did find the troubled Radical/Kanji/Vocab list helpful, but I only glanced at it and did not study it or cram it. I want the SRS to do its job, not my short-term memory.

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