My streak disappeared

I had a 356 day streak and it went away instead of giving me 357… what do I do? I was so close

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Ping someone in the team like @Jake or @mrnoone and see if they can look into it.

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Did you ping them by posting that? I don’t know how this works

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Thanks for the ping!

@Arba79 I have reinstated your streak.
Do you have your time zone set?


How do I know if I did? It’s Pacific standard time though. Thank you so much for helping me!

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Under your profile settings you should see which time zone your account is listed under, not sure if the default is still Japan or not. This could maybe be why your streak died?

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Very nice!

Is the streak calculated by 24 hours? Instead of calculating the streak for 24 hours, I think it’s better to use the date instead to avoid this problem.

The streak is calculated by day, and you set your timezone in your profile settings, so bunpro knows when to jump days for you.

You can set it/recalculate here:

I know that setting, and I’ve used that for a long time. Losing the streak is also a common issue for me. I’ve experienced them multiple times in years I’ve used BunPro. My streak is now back to 24, and I wondered if some bugs or some calculations were off. I’ve been tracking my streak lately when I do my reviews. In 24 streaks, I’ve done all in the morning. Might be different when I do my reviews on different time.

Do you have days where you do 1-2 reviews only? Sometimes review points get moved or split, and that makes those days disappear.

Why would review points get moved or split? That’s really weird.
See this capture. I’m pretty sure I do BunPro every day. I’m not adding new lessons. That’s why some days I got many and another day I maybe only got a small number of reviews.

Content gets re-structured as new points get added. Some points get split because they are too big too.

What I found out, is to be on the safe side is to do 4-5 reviews at least a day. Otherwise you will need to ask support every time it happens. Maybe they can find a fix eventually for these situations.

I found that I need to do reviews multiple times in a day to get logged. I think if I only do it once, it would not get recorded. I’m pretty sure it was a bug since I can’t recall the day I didn’t have reviews. Also, I would be bothering support a lot now and then since I got many missing streaks in a year.

Maybe implementing a streak freeze would be great for me.