My subscription won't activate


I signed up for a paid subscription over an hour ago, but my account is still showing I’m on a free version. I can’t do my reviews or anything.
I already got the receipt from Paypal letting me know the charge was successful. How long should it take for my subscription to update?


Hey there!

Currently we process PayPal payments by hand as our backend doesn’t fully support them yet. I’ve already let @Jake know, we’ll activate it for you ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience! :bowing_man:


Thank you!


All taken care of. I apologize for the wait.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Happy studying!

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I’m having the same issue it seems

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All taken care of. Sorry for the wait!


Okay now check mine please :slight_smile:

Hey I paid for my sub 4 days ago, and I still haven’t gotten my sub. I thought I might have paid with a old card so I paid for 1 month again. Will this be refunded or add up to two months?
Please fix my sub as well. If I don’t get the sub soon, I will have to refund through paypal and pay with my card instead.

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Everything looks good!
@Launchbay Sorry for the wait. I have straightened everything out including refunding and canceling the extra subscription.


Thank you very much!