N-level badge on Profile. Why not N4?

My profile badge says “N5” even though I have finished N4 probably a year or more ago. If you look at my awarded badges, it does show N5 and N4 are earned but N5 has some extra little yellow band or something on it and the N5 badge is tagged onto my profile as my supposed current awarded level.

Maybe N4 isn’t showing up as my profile badge because my stats are too low? Maybe it doesn’t involve just completing all the grammar points but bringing them to a certain SRS level?

By the way, if anybody feels good about where they’re at compared to the global averages when they look at their stats, you’re welcome, because I’m driving down the global stats with my low percentages. I’m in the 60’s for N5, the 50s for N4, and just dipped under 60% for N3 review accuracy.


To change your badge:

Click on your username/avatar on the top right corner of the page (next to the bell), and go to Profile.

Click on the Badges Tab on top left in between Stats and Reset.

Select by clicking on the badge you want represented on your avatar.

That yellow bar that you see is the “selection”