N1 Update (12 sentences)! - May 23, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick update on our N1 progress. First, we have added 5 new grammar points. :partying_face: These can be seen at the end of N1-Lesson 10 as follows:


In addition to this, we would like to announce our completion strategy for N1 sentences in previous grammar points. Starting with Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 (around 36 grammar points all up), we now have 12 sentences for each point.

All of these sentences were written by native speakers, and focus on using the target grammar point as naturally as possible. We hope that you all enjoy some of the unique nuances that have been utilized!

We are aiming to continue updating previously released N1 grammar structures at a rate of 2 lessons biweekly. This means that all of N1 will have 12 sentences for each grammar point within the next 2 months. :sunglasses:

We apologize for the delay in updating our previous N1 grammar points with a full catalogue of sentences prior to this, but feel that it was definitely worth that wait, in terms of being able to provide something new that has been created/verified by native speakers.

As always, let us know if you have any concerns or feedback, and we will continue to do our best to create a service that becomes a more and more invaluable part of the Japanese learning journey! :muscle:


There seems to be a glitch with the new grammar points. My dashboard shows that I have 5 new N1 grammar points to learn but when I click the link it tells me I already learned them (I haven’t). In addition, I cannot access the new grammar points by going to the N1 deck from decks. The only way I can assess them is by going to grammar and scrolling all the way to the bottom.

edit: I added the new grammar points to my review queue by scrolling to the bottom of the grammar section. So, I have learned all the current N1 grammar now.


Thank you guys and thank you @Asher in particular for taking time to address the concerns we users had about N1 grammar points being unfinished. Clear communication always goes a long way :blush:


Thanks for the update team!

Hopefully I’ll reach N1 one day.


Nice! :sunglasses: :+1:


Thank you. I was particularly interested in のみ since I hear it so much in the things I watch but was wondering why I couldn’t find it here.


As much as I would love to take the credit, :rofl: the vast majority of the thanks goes to our native speakers that we have on board, researching these grammar points, and ensuring they are used in the most correct (and hopefully interesting) way possible. :bowing_man:


reviving this thread for a question:
iam currently starting n1 and found out most of the grammar points only have half or less audio yet. this is quite hampering my learning style.

is there a timetable when n1 gets full audio sentences?


It will definitely be ‘done’, but there is no exact timetable on those sentences just yet. Until recently many of the N1 grammar points only had 6 sentences, which is why there is currently only audio for 6 there.

Haruna and I are currently going through all the levels (half way through N4 atm) and checking the audio quality for all of them, in addition to the naturalness of the sentences. Once we reach N1, they will all be getting recorded :sunglasses:.

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Just an idea: Maybe could put together a rough written-plan/timeline of what’s being worked on, and short- to mid-term milestones. E.g. Something like this (but not as condensed?):
Currently working on: Audio quality in all levels (ETA: End of October)

Or whatever info you have available and are comfortable sharing. Just an idea to increase visibility/transparency of development focus and progress.

It may not seem like a big deal from an insider’s perspective, but such information can be very valuable to users/customers on the outside, not knowing what’s being worked on, or how long “no exact timetable” means, relatively speaking.

Again, just an idea. I know that providing this info itself is a new task that itself takes time to prepare etc. Don’t mean to overload you guys. :sweat_smile:


While I am quite fond of such approaches, the problem that you always encounter with that sort of thing is that some customers will see whatever timeline you put on there as a written promise to have it ready by that date, no matter what happens, no matter what unexpected problems. I would love to have a more detailed idea, but I completely get them keeping it vague to prevent these sort of situations :man_shrugging:

You can always phrase it in terms of ‘beta’ or ‘development’ or ‘early access’ or whatever, only ‘releasing’ finished product when it’s actually finished, and pretty much bypass such unintended expectations. Just a matter of clear communication, IMHO. :slight_smile: