N1 Update, New Sentences! - June 26, 2022

Hi Friends! :relaxed:

This is just a quick post to inform you all that lesson 5 and 6 of N1 now have 12 sentences per grammar point. Some of you may already have noticed this update, but feel free to take a look through the points if there is something that you were hoping for some more examples of!

As always, our focus was on providing the most real-to-life examples as possible, so all of these new example sentences were written by native speakers, after researching use-case scenarios. We hope that they will act as an additional aid in your understanding of some of the trickier structures! :sunglasses:

:thinking: What’s the schedule for the next few months? :thinking:

We have lots more updates in the pipeline for the next few months, so lessons 7 and 8 will come 3 weeks from now, and 9/10 will come 3 weeks after that. We hope that this will fit with many of your study schedules, and that we are not inconveniencing anyone.

As with the last few updates, please let us know if there are any issues with anything, or if you feel something is not quite as awesome as you have come to expect of our releases! We are happy to hear any and all that each and every one of you have to say. :blush:

Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend, and have an even better coming week! :partying_face:


Thanks for the hard work as always!

Can we get a quick update on audio status update for the phrases without? I still come across some in the lower levels (N5/N4).


The audio will be getting updated in the very near future for many sentences on the website. Specifically N5, which is still using the old audio for the most part.

One of our biggest goals for this year (in addition to adding new content) is nailing out anything that currently has content missing, or is suboptimal. This includes all audio. Apologies for the delay! :bowing_man:




This might not be the right place for this, but I’m curious if there’s a timeline for adding the N3 vocabulary deck. I’ll be finished with the N4 deck soon-ish and am a few days away from finishing N3 grammar, so I’m wondering if I should go ahead and grab a core 6k/10k anki deck or keep sticking with bunpro decks for now. Appreciate the updates!


It will be coming very soon! (within the next 4 weeks at the latest). :blush:

Sorry for the delay with the new vocab. We have been editing a lot of the content on the back end and this resulted in us pumping the breaks on any new vocab releases temporarily. :sweat_smile:


Ok great, I’ll just dial back the vocab speed a bit and then I can keep my reviews mostly in one place. Thanks for the quick response!


Audio is a big help for me so I hope you are not getting rid of the old audio in case you record something you think is better. Ideally for every recording you have, a separate button would appear next to the example sentence, named something like Female1/Female2/Male or perhaps even name of the speaker. I know there sometimes is the “male” button at the top already, but often it has no effect and turns itself on or off like here: やすい - Japanese Grammar Explained | Bunpro so I kind of learned to ignore it.