N2 Explanation Release Question

I’m already finish N3 lesson its great explanation, May I know when will release of N2 explanation? I’m forward to it


I was wondering as well since I’m currently going through N2. I know N3 was completed just a few months ago.


Thanks for getting in touch with us! At this present moment we are working our way through filling gaps in missing sentences and audio. While we are working on the N2 writeups, it is between other tasks.

Right now I cannot give an exact release date, but it is on our current list of content work.


Not really asking for an exact date, but do you think its likely for the N2 writeups to release within the next 6 months or are we likely talking further into the future?

I really enjoy using the grammar explanation writeups for my introduction to the grammar before immersion does its thing for me to strengthen them. (Currently running through N5 to N3 and adding points as I already know many of those pretty well and have resetted before, so assuming I am gonna finish that recap in the next few weeks to months).

If I know N2 writeups are likely to still take a long time I will likely slow down the recap and spend still more time on immersion. Would probably just add N2 points to SRS in order to passively learn them via SRS and solely focus on immersion/encountering them. But the N5 to N3 writeups are super to the point and actually work really well in clarifying lots of things for me better than some textbooks could, so I have mainly shifted to: > Read the Bunpro writeup > SRS > rest is done by exposure during immersion, but immersion is much easier as I got the tool at hand to infer “wild” grammar correctly.

I definitely understand all your other bug-/mistake-fixing priorities, app, blog and much more and really appreciate it, but the writeups are still my favorite part of Bunpro to date for sure!

If even an estimate of more/less than half a year or a year cant be made, no worries though and sorry for pestering you with that - just figured I might as well just try asking :upside_down_face:


Again, I am unfortunately not able to give an exact date, but the ‘aim’ is for before the end of the year. There are many factors that could affect this date, but that was one of the initial goals we had :blush:.

Glad to hear the writeups have been a help for you! :partying_face:


Thanks for the answer! Ye, no worries regarding exact date, completely understand that in development and content creation there is lots of factors involved and also unforseeable ones :smiley:

Simply hearing that such an initial goal existed is exciting. Quite ambitious :slight_smile: I dont mind if it ends up being a few months later at all - mostly curiosity on my end that lead me to ask when I saw the topic while surfing the forums

And thanks! Have been great in conjunction with all the examples. Sometimes its a bit of plus and minus at the same time - at one hand I just wanna keep doing immersion and nothing else, on the other hand I really enjoy the study process/reading up on grammar constructs and am profitting in said immersion the more I do :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Guess we all kinda know that feel when studying has been going on for some years, haha