N2 Reading Passages Release - November 10th

New N2 Reading

In total there are 30 new reading passages (3 per level) that are a good mix of conversations and longer articles covering a variety of topics.

With N2 grammar and vocab, the reading passages have both increased in difficulty and complexity. We hope you like them and find them both challenge and rewarding!

Reading Passages Link

As always we would love to hear any feedback you have on this, or other new content we are constantly adding to Bunpro!


@Jake I took a look at N2 Lesson 8 and it looks like there’s some HTML still lingering.


Good catch! Should be fixed now.


Ahhh yes! I have the test this December and I’ve been performing the worst at reading. Was hoping y’all would get it up in time x3 Thank you!!


Wow I’m so excited for this!

Just started reading Lesson 1 and am struggling to hide the reading on a Kanji because clicking it opens up a grammar point instead of hiding it. (The Kanji in question is 上 in the word 法律上.)

Looks like there is wrong furigana for 抑え込まない (shows up as そもそもえこまない instead of おさえこまない).

Another one: 他人任せ shows up as たひとまかせ instead of たにんまかせ

Thanks for pointing those out! I thought we had ironed all the furigana errors out but it looks like there are a few still in there. We will take another once over.