N3 Reading Passages Release - September 3rd

New N3 Reading

We had originally planned to release the second to last batch of N1 this week but the N3 reading passages were done ahead of schedule so in place of new grammar this week, we have released the reading passages.

In total there are 30 new reading passages (3 per level) that are a good mix of conversations and longer articles.

Utilizing N3 grammar and vocab let us write a lot of interesting and more involved passages with a few challenging ones in lessons 8, 9 and 10.

Reading Passages Link

As always we would love to hear any feedback you have on this, or other new content we are constantly adding to Bunpro!


This is absolutely brilliant, didn’t expect this to happen! Glad to see the service expand even more and I think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea! Love the annotations and on first glance the texts seem to be off appropriate difficulties, with lots of interesting stuff!

Want to just say how much I appreciate some of the features on display in these texts, the ability to switch between vertical and horizontal mode, highlighting the grammar, the pop-up grammar explanations and help with conjugations. I’ll have to do a deep dive to find all the treasures in this new addition, but on first glance it looks absolutely amazing!

Big thanks to the entire team, this is an amazing new feature!!!


Can’t wait to finish up my N3 points and get cracking! So many more grammar points to work with to make longer and more difficult passages, can’t wait!


I love the footnotes that are included with bunpro’s readings.


Yeahhhh!! Can’t wait for N2. These passages are really helpful with vertical reading. Good job!


Thanks a lot for these new resources!


Really nice, thanks!

On a related note, is there a way to mark a reading as “Done” to see what you’ve already read?


I am happy to hear you are so excited about them! They are indeed meant to target the specific level of grammar and vocab at the level and lesson they are in.

@gyroninja, @Asher did all of the annotations and there are some hidden gems in there :smiley:

@EdBunpro Looks like we released these at the perfect time in your studies!

@Flavyouu The initial draft of N2 are already done and are being adjusted and finalized before we translate and annotate them. Hopefully they will be live by the end of this month.

@MZa :bowing_man:

@testing A feature to mark them as done is in the pipeline :+1:


This feature is really great. It’s hard, but it’s satisfying when you understand the flow of the conversation. Good work.


When clicked on a grammar point in the reading, I see a brief glimpse of the entry explanation and then quickly disappears. Maybe this was already reported, but this seems true in every N level I tested. Anyone else?

Yeah it’s bugged from what I tested out too

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