N4 Reading Practice Update June 17th 2024

Hello again everyone!

This is just a tiny post to let you all know that the N4 reading passages have also been updated just like the N5 reading a couple of weeks ago.

See that post here: N5 Reading Practice Update May 31st 2024

All existing passages have been updated to be more level appropriate and natural and we’ve also added a few new reading passages for each lesson.

New discussion posts on the forum are also open for each lesson so discuss to your heart’s content!

As stated before, updates to the other levels are already underway and will be coming out when they’re complete.

As always, we welcome and encourage any questions or comments you may have about the reading updates!

Keep up the hard work everyone! :call_me_hand:



Thank you so much for the update of the N4 reading passages.

Have a nice day!


I am apparently not on my A-game with typing today haha. Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for the continued updates :muscle: