Need help with choosing the right anki deck for vocab and if possible grammar

I just want to know your opinion on wbich deck is optimized, cause there are alot of them.

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If I remember right, Core2k has images with built in audio and sentences. Core10k is also available if you want to go that route.

I’ve personally been doing WaniKani and then naturally learning any other material I come across. Later on I’ll probably make my own Anki deck of words I’ve seen. I tried Core2k/10k and the content was good, but it’s a struggle to remember lots of vocab I haven’t naturally seen.


I think that the Hajimetenonihongo Vocabulary books (e.g. はじめての日本語能力試験 N4 単語) Anki decks are much better than the Core decks. The core decks do not use i+1 sentences even in the optimised order versions, they also sometimes use confusing English key words for the Japanese words and, in my opinion, they put the words in an order that makes them more difficult to learn and lead to me constantly mixing up certain words. The way the words are ordered in the Hajimetenihongo books was much easier for me to learn. Basically, buy one of the books, then message proof of purchase like the receipt email to a guy named NukeMarine or MattvsJapan and they can give you anki decks for the books. Matts decks are in full Kanji and Nukes aren’t, but Nukes decks also have an audio-only card for every word which can help a lot with your listening ability. Although you could modify Matts deck to add listening only cards and modify Nukes to have Kanji.

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if you are studying with a book, i think you can find corresponding decks about it.
if you are studying for an exam, heck, it’s all there.
if you want to load some common words, core decks are waiting for you.

don’t overthink about it, make a preview and see if all that info is too much for you (some decks are really like that, almost a two paper article long, or the info is too little.

you can also make your own decks with excel with a few clicks and clacks. it maybe a better idea in fact, how about making a deck with the words you encounter on your daily life most?

I mean i m on N2 総まとめ vocab and grammar with Tobira and 新完全マスター as a review book. I do use bunpro for grammar(just don’t know if it is enough) and i also use frequently Tori’s 10k vocab book. I just don’t want to skip important common words cause i don’t know if 10k cover all of it.

oh man, you are already overthinking.
there’s literally no way that any source material would cover all of it. no way:) just relax.

do you know all the grammar points and vocabs and tits and tats at your native language? i don’t think so. every now and then we use dictionaries and that’s the beauty of it. learning process continues.

just relax and continue what you are doing man or born again as a genius japanese person and do nothing but japanese etimology researches:)