Need some help for which particles to use with きこえる

Screenshot 2023-05-18 110618

as you can see, nouns can conjugate with both が and に before きこえる

so my question is, when to use が and when to use に?

help is much appreciated

thank you


I hereby transcribe what the lesson says about the particles:
" When using こえる, (A) will always be followed by . (A) is considered to be the ‘source’ of the sound (a noun).
However, the ‘way that something sounds’ will be marked adverbially. This means that an い-Adjective will be changed to its form, and な-Adjectives/nouns will be followed by ."

So, you can hear the sound of a car ( 車の音聞こえる) or something sounds like a car ( 車聞こえる).



you nailed it, Pablunpro-san

thank you

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