New N1 Grammar - 12/07

N1 Lesson 6

わ〜わ - ~and ~and, keep ~ing, one after another, so much, so many, one after another
とばかり(に) - as if (to say), seeming that

N1 Lesson 7

まくる - like crazy, keep doing (without a second thought), nothing but, on and on, do … all around, to do a lot of, one after another, all over, keep, everything, constantly, all the time
もわ〜わ(で) - and…so, and…because, since


Will audio eventually be available for these new grammar points? I noticed that the previous batch of N1 grammar also didn’t have audio.


Yes, it just takes a bit of time to catch-up.
They are also re-recording some of the previous points, so there’s that.


Cheers. Looking forward to some “beyond N1” points as well and how you guys will incorporate that into your design.


N0 button, where the average of the community will be close to 0%


Hey guys, haven’t seen any updates on this for a while so I wanted to see if it’s still in the works. I’ve been putting off learning the new grammar points until the audio is available, and I’d like to see the 165/165 on the N1 dashboard sometime soon.

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