Non jlpt vocabulary

I looked up a vocabulary in bunpro (大人げない) immature and what came up is an A5 vocabulary with no example sentences.
I am not that active in the forums so i am sorry if there was an answer for this that i didn’t see.
But has it been disclosed yet when should we expect non jlpt vocabulary?

If you mean in real life, you should expect it (as in non-JLPT vocabulary and grammar) in everything you read or hear which is not an official publication such as NHK which intentionally limits itself to only those vocabulary. Just as in your own native language, whatever it may be, it is very unlikely for anyone or anything to respect an educational guideline as a resource to limit its expression in any way.

I mean in bunpro. Have been there mentions about non jlpt decks

I do believe I recall one of the mods posting about how they intend to break off the current JLPT vocab decks from more generalized vocab desks. Reasons being, the current Bunpro JLPT vocab decks clearly have more vocabulary in them than what is likely necessary for someone to pass the JLPT.

Regarding the “A” decks, I think this is just how they’re currently organizing vocab words that aren’t in a JLPT deck. I’m curious though what’s the difference between the A decks and the E decks…


Though, that word also looks like it might be an inflection of the base word.
“otona” means adult. “ge” means -ish. And “nai” is not.
So, it’s actually a base word not “adultish”.

So, things like that can be hard to have in dictionaries sometimes. It’s hard to figure out where the line is between unique word and inflection in highly inflected languages.


I see. But i wonder ge is. Is it a grammar point? Or more of slang? I searched here didn’t came up. I also don’t know what you mean by inflections
Edit: turned out is an grammar point not covered here yet. N2 grammar point

It is already covered: げ (JLPT N2) | Bunpro

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Thank you. I tried searching for with the hiragana げ nothing came up. Also since when this kanji has げ reading :full_moon_with_face:

Kind reminder that there is no official JLPT vocabulary list.

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That’s true, but there are ways to make educated guesses from previous JLPT tests.

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