Not quite sure what to do?

Hi yall, i think i broke my bunpro. I did some offline reviews on the app (ios) and i think it messed up the srs. I keep getting duplicate questions. (Example: four answers where その, five where でしょう, four where だろう)

I wanted to do bunpro every day and make a habit of it (also wanna keep my small streak going :smile: ) but i don’t know whether to keep doing the reviews when it’s giving me so many duplicates. I just hope it doesn’t mess up my srs too bad? I don’t really want to add more cards either if they’re also gonna duplicate :disappointed:

screen shot of questions


Ps- hope its ok me making a topic


I am looking into this, what is your version of the app?

It is at the bottom of the side menu you can open from the dashboard.

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Its V.0.4.1+159


Thank you

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