Oops Versus Backspace Idea (Can they be separated?)

I would like to propose an oops/backspace adjustment.

I use oops to fix typos, but I would love it if the backspace could be disconnected from oops. It would be useful to use it as a literal backspace, wrong answer stats kept, to fix my answer quickly. When I have many reviews, and all the ones I got wrong pile up at the end, it all blends together and what I reviewed when I was corrected before is lost, and I end up in a wrong answer loop. It drives me nuts!

If I could use the backspace to fix my answer right then and there, without taking away the wrong score for my long-term practice, that would be greatly helpful to me!

What do others think?

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When your incorrectly answered reviews come up at the end of your session you’re able to backspace there to correct them if you get them wrong a second time without it affecting their stats. They’ve already been counted as incorrect from the first review. I’m not sure if that helps you or not, but I thought I’d mention it since you brought up being stuck in a wrong answer loop.

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I see, that might be helpful. So if I backspace my mistakes at the end, it will not “correct” it for my stats. Conversely, if I don’t backspace and accept the 2nd wrong answer, does it drive my stats further down?

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Correct, it’s already been marked as incorrect from the first review and the SRS stage has already been updated.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that no matter how many times you answer it incorrect after the 1st time it won’t be affected further. I think one good way of looking at it is that when you answer incorrectly in a session, that grammar point gets pushed into a ‘wrong review’ pile. Anything in the ‘wrong review’ pile won’t have any affect on your stats. Once you answer the reviews correctly that are in the ‘wrong review’ pile they’ll be pushed back into the main review pile but with their updated SRS stage (that was updated when you answered wrong the 1st time).

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I see! Well, that’s not so bad then. Thank you for the clarification.