Oosaka-ben 悪さされたんやったな

Kero-chan is still tormenting me while I’m reading Cardcaptor Sakura

されたんやったな = されたんだったね?
If it’s just past tense だった it seems redundant (are there usecases for that sort of thing?), but I have no idea how to read this otherwise 😶‍🌫️

Any help would be appreciated


I could be wrong but I read it as that too. 悪さ (badness, mischief), された (was done), やったな (だったね). Not sure what the context of the scene is so can’t be too sure.


I could be waaay off, but I think the missing part is the ん after だった. It’s nominalizing the whole 悪さされた part (悪さされたの), which is used to explain a situation, making it:

“It was the wrong that was done to me in the water.”

But without context, it’s kinda hard to know if that translation is correct.


You are correct that this is 悪さされたんだったね!

I can understand how this may sound redundant. This is how I would translate it literally, ‘it was that someone did something bad to you underwater, right?’.

This sounds weird in English, but this has the nuance of ‘I forgot that something bad happening to you under water was a thing that happened/ Oh yeah, I just remembered the fact that something bad happened to you under water’.

I hope this clears it up!


@SoreWaMaichiru @Jose7822
Thank you for trying to help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Fuga thank you very much taking time to explain and for the literal translation. It helps a lot :pray:


I almost had it, but forgot the ね so made the transition about “me” instead of “you”. My bad!