Open to interpretations?

hello peeps!

About this sentence

Am I missing something or the first part of the original sentence contains more information than the translation provided by Bunpro?

Shouldn’t it be more “as long as you can live responsibly”?

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Well I don’t think you’d say in english “as long as you can live a responsible life” when talking about what type of person can volunteer. Because in English when we say be responsible like that then implication is in life we just don’t bother saying it.
Past that, ya I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you are saying it would just be long winded


I see, although I think you could say “live responsibly”? or maybe not ( sorry I’m not a native speaker) perhaps as you said it’s implied :+1:t2:
I’ll try to remember that 責任を持った生活 simply means being responsible.

The problem here is there is no context, so the BunPro translation (as well as the OP’s) are both valid. We don’t know who’s saying what to whom, so it could be interpreted differently, and that’s where the confusion stems from. You just have to remember that when translating sentences that lack context.

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