Pace for going through Genki?

Just got Genki 3rd Edition with the Workbook. Before this, I’ve been only doing BunPro and WaniKani when there’s reviews to be done, nothing else.

Should I pace myself with the book? If so, how? I have a lot of free time, so if I get worked up I would probably go through a lot of stuff fast. I would love to hear what the recommended routine is.

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I guess it depends how quickly you go through the first couple of chapters. It sounds like you have some foundation already so much of the opening content should come naturally. The main thing is that you aren’t rushing through and dropping information along the way.

You might know this already but you can follow along with the Genki grammar in Bunpro by going here. I also find it useful to cross reference with the linked resources for each grammar piece on here to help build my understanding of the grammar’s context.


I would also recommend to try adding the grammar points for review on Bunpro as you are going through the book.

It would be a good idea to at least become familiar with the vocabulary needed before starting a chapter. That way, it will be easier to concentrate more on the new grammar and exercises.

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My main suggestion is to pace oneself accordingly to one’s ability to do all the exercises by hand (not type!) in the chapter (book+workbook). If you clear all the exercises then move to the next chapter. My two minor suggestions are things I missed when I used Genki I but now doing with Genki II 1) Listen to all the dialogs including the ones covering the exercises. Since most exercises do not require listening is easy to overlook that many of them have recorded dialogs. But listen after doing the exercises otherwise, sometimes it will give you the answer. I often listen to them in the car when driving. 2) Also read the 読み書き編 section. Even if each chapter of 読み書き編 corresponds to a chapter in the main part of the book for some reason this section is at the end of the book and easy to miss. This section becomes more interesting when you move to more advanced chapters and to Genki II.


Hands down agree with the listening parts. When I first went through genki, I neglected this part bringing my listening down to worse than it should be if I had listened to it!