Passing of Cure Dolly

According to Cure Dolly’s Patreon page, the person running that channel has passed away. Her last YouTube video also painted a very unfortunate picture as well:

I learned a lot from her videos, and while the tangents against textbooks and traditional means of teaching got off topic at times, her channel was a very valuable resource when it came to understanding Japanese grammar.

Thanks for the knowledge, Cure Dolly. <3


I hope this isn’t true. She replied to one of my comments like two weeks ago without her I woulnd’t have a clue on how any of this works. :c


Cure Dolly was so passionate about Japanese. I remember posting some questions on her YouTube channel, and she always sent a thoughtful response. I can’t think of many YouTubers who would do that, so in my eyes she was a legend.


If this is true, it’s terribly sad. Cure Dolly was one of the only Youtubers who was capable of explaining Japanese without constantly relying on comparisons to English, which was perfect for helping people to see how Japanese really works.

Let’s hope that her passion for Japanese gave birth to many other people that will carry on her ideas, and that she rests in peace. :candle:


Whoa… Well, RIP. :cry: I didn’t follow the channel too closely so it is a surprise to me.


Seemed like such a sudden thing, I know how much she meant to a lot of beginner users. RIP

I’d like to ask people who were fans of her videos what they enjoyed about her? When I first started I remember briefly skimming through some videos but a couple things just made me not able to get into them too much, even though I knew how much people loved her. Apparently she did a really good job at explaining topics, and I’d be mega interested in hearing all about their experiences if you’d like to share.


She made sense! I have the genki book and tried to read tae kim and none of it made any sense at all to me but when she says it I understand it. And I just think she was fun to watch. Plus it’s really cute when she says wanwanwan to represent a dog talking.


When I first started, I was creeped out by the avatar and the vocal effects used. After hearing more people recommend her channel, I started watching with the subtitles on, and you just got used to the bizarre set up.

The content on the channel made you think of Japanese in terms of Japanese which was a fresh breath of air and cleared up so many questions I had over particle usage and beyond.

It’s really sad that many of her videos never got super popular. I’m going through her grammar playlist and most videos have less than 5k views.


She explains Japanese in a pretty straightforward way, without any references to English grammar. When most of the teachers explain something like は and が particles like “uh, you know, they’re both marking subject, but in a different way,” she just says that が marks subject and は marks topic, and shows examples how it works and what’s the difference. No one teacher explains zero subject, but she does. She tells about い-adjectives, which are actually adj+verb. She explains that many verb conjugations actually one of a verb stem + auxiliary verbs, even 食べ+ます.
I had so many “clicks” and insights after watching her videos, and definitely will have more when I will watch them again.