PDF/ePub with all Bunpro grammar?

Is there a PDF, ePub or a script that generates these formats where all grammar explanations from Bunpro are listed?

I really like the explanations. I understand them much better than Genki or Tae Kim for instance. A PDF/ePub would be great to look something up offline while commuting by train. That’s where I read most of my Japanese text on my iPad.

Would also be nice to work with Margin Note, an iPad app where you cut passages out of books and arrange them in some sort of diagram. At the moment I’m writing notes into a text file to understand some topics in combination with others (e.g. for honorific and humble speech, I needed an overview where to use what). But with Margin Note I could organize different topic in groups and even add explanations from other books like Tae Kim or the Cure Dolly transcripts very easily.


This seems close to what you’re looking for: List of grammar points covered by level - #4 by simias


Hi there, and thanks for the question!

Unfortunately there is not something widely available at the moment, but we could possibly make a grammar book or something similar in the future if there is a big call for it.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is it that you prefer about the Bunpro explanations rather than other sources? As part if the content team, I’m always keen to learn what it is that clicks with users and how we can improve on it :blush:.


Thank you very much! Unfortunately it contains only the translation and the - for me - most important parts (e.g. whether casual, polite or humble) are all missing.

As the synonym hell was getting worse and worse I started to make a spreadsheet with all these information and a German translation (I’m German and the English translations getting more problematic with all the synonyms) myself a few months ago.

Mostly the short but good explanation and the compact compilation of additional information (politeness level, archaic, synonyms etc). I’m mostly motivated by learning speed and the combination of compact information and SRS helps. I tried classic grammar text books and they all were quite demotivating for me and I quit all of them early. Bunpro is the first source where I worked through everything up until N2.

I also like Japanese grammar dictionaries like the “A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar” trilogy and “A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners” for the same reason but learning with a dictionary where everything is ordered alphabetically and not by level is no fun.

The only thing I miss on Bunpro are (optional) romaji transcriptions. I added them myself in the user notes of each topic. I can fluently read normal Japanese books with kana and kanji but for memorizing nothing beats romaji for me, it’s like a shortcut to my brain, I learn at least 3x as fast when I have transcriptions. I’m not a native English speaker so I don’t have all the problems with a confusing pronunciation or a highly irregular spelling where every spelling has multiple different pronunciations. Most of the time the romaji pronunciation works perfectly with my native language German. The few that don’t work (e.g. chi) are still familiar through English (e.g. from chill). The first two years I avoided romaji completely because everyone said so but after I started using it for stuff like grammar notes everything speeded up immensly for me.