Personal January Challenge (Need suggestions for content)

So after a couple months of relapsing into Skyrim and wasting too much time on Youtube, I have decided to do two things this month. Replace Skyrim with Persona 5 Royal (Japanese version) and challenge myself to only watch Youtube content in Japanese.

I have an account with a few news subs, some artwork tutorials, videogames and tech and was wondering some suggestions for Japanese Youtube channels.

I tend to favor: Documentaries (short and long with a wide range of topics from history, science, pop culture), Interviews, making of (movie, anime, manga, games), history, vlogs, perspectives from Japanese people living abroad.

Not so fond of: More news channels, translated content from Western works, Commercial collections, Japanese learning channels (have that on a separate account), foreigners living in Japan. (I do make and exception for Cathy Cat, I do like the format of those videos)

Any suggestions and recommendations help, thanks.


I do not have anything in the scope you are in favour of so, these might not be your cup of salt but I recommend:

  • Dogen (Makes short comedy skits in Japanese, has a pronunciation/hatsuoun course on patreon)
  • And I like watching Pikamee from time to time, because she speaks English and Japanese both at the same time so it’s good practice in general, and I find her funny.

Maybe other people can recommend content more aligned for what you are looking for.


If you like cars like me then this guy is good to watch, maybe you’d get bored of the videos as they’re a bit samey but definitely relaxing.


Not really into cars, but it might be good to pick up some car vocabulary. Thanks.

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I’m in a very silly mood right now from not being back to my normal sleeping pattern just yet since end of last year. Saw the list of what you tend to favour and it made me immediately think of this short video that has a story of a Japanese person living abroad.

Sorry that it’s a standalone Youtube video instead of a channel, and it might be annoying if you don’t really enjoy variety show presentation style too. Plus, it’s an old recording with low quality and cut off quite badly in the end. However, I think it does have a bit of history and pop culture reference, like waiting for Takeshi Kitano crossover in the end might just be worth your 13 minutes of free time.

Edit to add Trigger Warning: Do not watch if you’re not in the mood to listen to some yodelling :rofl:


I actually quite enjoy things like these. I can see why people don’t like variety shows, but I find them pretty amusing. They’re loud, comical and can be quite educational. I love how they’re plastered with Kanji all over. From a minimalists perspective, it’s a nightmare, but I love it.


For YouTube: Archipel - YouTube
Its more about the developers / artists talking and sharing their thoughts.

On Viki there are quite a few Jdramas… they are not amazing amazing but most are OK for listening practice… I watched a bit of the start of "My Fair Price " (the company makes otome games) …


I’ve actually been subscribed to Archipel for a while, but haven’t watched it in a good while.

Might check out that drama, been watching a lot of news and variety show segments, so something a little more episodical might be good. Thanks.


I find variety super accessible for that reason. At first it felt like a lot was happening on the screen at once, but it’s so nice having some form of subtitles there by default.


I like watching clips of Yoshimoto Shinkigeki. If you would like to discover manzai comedy or other forms of live japanese comedy… I think it’s neat. There are tons of clips from the live shows on Youtube, including a pretty charming one featuring BTS. :wink:


Japanese comedy is one of things I’ve had a harder time getting into, and I think it just mostly has to do with a lack of understanding. But I’ve been getting into it a little more recently and understanding more than before. Been watching some of 8時だよ全員集合, and found myself really enjoying it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out.

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