Playing Persona 5

Is it recommended for beginners to intermediate learners to learn Japanese by playing video games? When I was in Japan I bought Persona 5 but there was no English translations/subtitles. Despite that, I managed to understand a little of what they said. But since it’s kind of an anime, I’m wondering how accurate their dialogue is to real life conversations.

From what I can see it’s not the most animeish dialogue ever, by a long way, however characters in these kind of things are still essentially archetypes, a yakuza speaks one way, an old man another and a highschooler another again. So i’d say it’s fine for listening practice but I’d probably be careful about adopting any speaking habits. All of that said though, if it’s in japanese and you enjoy it there’s nothing lost by using it, no benefit comes from worrying too much about maximum efficacy and spoiling what’s supposed to be an enjoyable hobby.

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i would be impressed if you can get anywhere in that game playing in Japanese without being fluent. good luck!!! you know i think another option is to play in english and turn on japanese voices. i dunno if u would need to rebuy but the original version is cheap


Persona 5 is probably much better idea than say Fire Emblem Three Houses ( what I am currently playing :smiley: ). At least the vocabulary used in Persona 5 will be easier / more useful in some cases as is set in modern times. Great choice :slight_smile: . Like other people are saying, the main thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience.

P.S Animal Crossing on the Switch is very beginner friendly. Check out “Kantan Japan” on YouTube, he made a video about it.

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would be better with full VA though :thought_balloon: