Post Your Streak Chart


I just started here on Monday, but here’s my chart so far!


I’m already technically around N2 level but in sore need of review, so my biggest slip-ups so far have been trying to insert equivalent grammar points that Bunpro doesn’t think I “know” yet, haha


Almost a nice bell curve.

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This is mine. All N5 and 3/4 of N4.


Wow, yours all look so pretty :D; This is my streak chart, I started this month and study mostly N2 plus some easier stuff as an anti-frustration thing :wink:


I just found out about this chart thanks to this thread and based on the previous posts here I can guess that this is not ideal. Oh well… :woman_shrugging: :slight_smile:

I added everything from Genki I and II after my return to BunPro and finding out that there are paths now. I figured if I will already suffer, why not suffer a lot.


I added a boatload of lessons right before my final semester started up, so I’m actually pretty surprised it’s as balanced as it is right now. I did most of N5 and N4 about a year ago, which explains the lone, tall column to the right:

I thought this thread was about a different kind of streak, so I’ll post that too while I’m at it since it’s been a success so far :upside_down_face:


Got my first 9’s, yay! Also, I have so few 4’s 'cause I did just one lesson a day (instead of two) for a week 'cause I had ~50 ghosts :sweat_smile:, so I had to… contain that first.


I wonder when anything will drop over into that 10 column…

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Still reviewing a lot of grammar points I’ve learned before starting Bunpro.


The answer was today!



I have a 2 streak straggler but I have no idea what it is…


Just added the last lesson available so far. Feels good!!

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I think it’s good to have those grammar points listed/hovering when mouse hovers on that 2 streak straggler

  • Agree
  • Disagree. That would ruin the purpose of BP SRS.
  • Disagree. Insert your reasons here.
  • Just disagree.
  • No comment.
  • I support BP team adding more contents instead of adding more features here and there.

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Sorry for the poll. Can’t hold myself.


My 12 is empty :sob:

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My chart’s pretty again.


Look at this cliff…and nothing but wide expanse to the other side.


I now have 100 items in 9. I feel like this is going to topple over into a huge rush of reviews of grammar points that I haven’t seen in months and I’m going to be crushed under an avalanche of leeches.


Today’s the day, finally have something in 10!

I think I even heard a little ‘plink!’ sound when it hit.

I still feel like the remaining 99 items in 9 are going to flood me any day now, though.




my chart’s pretty again

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Hello, I’m new here :slight_smile: Just been at it for a week but dang it’s a great site! Actually i’m studying for the N1, but my basic grammar skills are wonky, so doing N5 and N5 grammar helps a lot lol
I kicked out about half of the N5 grammar, which makes my chart a mess xD

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