Post Your Streak Chart


I’m just interested in what other people’s charts look like.

Here’s mine. I just got my first streak 7 item.



Oh nice, you have a lot of advanced items!


I’m trying to bring my daily review queue down to 0, thus I couldn’t do new lessons for a while which is why I barely have any low streak items


I’ve been taking it slow so I also don’t have many really low items.


I wish my chart looked like that


I already knew most of the N5 grammar and a lot of the N4 grammar, and my reviews only consist of those right now. Combined with my slow pace, it’s not too surprising that it looks like that.


It’s a healthy chart



I had already done most of N5 and a few N4’s the first time around, when I came back in sep, I reset my account, then dumped like 90 items in in 2-3 batches that I already sort of knew. Which is why mine is so top heavy.

My pattern is to learn 2-3 (more or less depending on if they seem simple points or not) a day, unless my ghost reviews goes above 10-12. Then I only do reviews till my ghost reviews are below 8 or so, then start up the new stuff again.


I’m doing N5 and N4 for a year now. I dont want to move to N3 yet. I want to know basic on 100% :slight_smile:


Question: How many lessons did you study per week?

Here’s mine. I study at least 3 lessons a week though I ended up studying 9 lessons this past week. ( ̄︿ ̄)


I somewhat rapidly did the N5 grammar points because they were all review. And I did many N4 quickly for the same reason. But for a while now I haven’t been doing any lessons at all. Apparently I haven’t done a new grammar point on Bunpro in almost two months. Here’s my current chart:

P.S. @Pushindawood What does the lesson(s) in SRS level 0 mean?


I think that I’m a lay-zee-bone …


I was wondering the same thing. I actually came to the forums to find the answer, but this thread is the best I found. I’m trying to go 15 a week, but in reality, when I do the math, it’s more like 13 a week on average. (I have a lot of free time, I’m already half way through Misa’s longest grammar playlist).




Damn. Impressive. How long did it take you?


I started in early September, rushed through N5 and N4 lessons as I knew most of the stuff already. Didn’t do anything in November, now I’m doing my reviews and 2-3 new grammar points everyday.


Are you also doing WK or something else at the same time, or just BunPro?


Yes, I’m going at almost full speed on Wanikani (~8 days). Got busy with college in November, so had to leave Bunpro for a while.