Potential Bug (Review XP Question)

Hello, everyone! I noticed after reviewing today that, despite doing a lot of reviews, the review summary page states that I earned 0 XP today. I don’t think this is true, since it looks like my XP has still increased, so I’m not sure if it means anything or if it’s a bug. Either way, thank you for your help!


Damn that’s a lot of reviews you definitely earned some regardless.


Hi there!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. That XP figure is for This Session, and not the Last 24h. Was your latest session empty by chance?

Either way, we currently calculate that XP inaccurately.
It’s currently just the Current User XP minus XP the user had at the start of the last session.
This is inaccurate, as changing through other methods (resetting grammar, manually marking items as known etc) will throw the Current User XP off.

We’ll make some changes, and hopefully this will fix the bug mentioned in the OP!


Thanks for looking into it.

I am pretty sure this was after the long session you see in the screenshot, and it’s happened to me on multiple occasions. I still seem to be leveling up, so hopefully it is just a problem with the display.

Either way, I hope you can find a solution. Thanks again!

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