Profile Sharing

Hey everyone! :bunprogold:

A few weeks ago we shined some light on a little project that had been getting worked on behind the scenes - the Teacher Dashboard.

Today we’ve released a new feature related to this called Profile Sharing!

Based on feedback and requested features from you all as well as discussions internally about our past experiences with tutoring, you can now instantly create a snapshot of your recent performance on Bunpro to share with whomever you want.

Some potential ways you can use this:

  • You can quickly show a new tutor where you are and what you have recently learned.
  • You can share ongoing progress with your current tutor or teacher.
  • You can quickly cover troubled grammar and recently missed sentences.
  • You can go over upcoming content before adding it to your queue on Bunpro.
  • You can compare your progress with a friend’s

Let’s take a quick peek at what it looks like:

First, go under Profile > Settings > Share to find where the shareable link is located.
Or you can just click here.

To help keep your information private, the link created will expire after 7 days, at which time it can be refreshed.

If for any reason you need to block access to the previous link, you can disable it and generate a new one. The new one will be unique, and the old one will no longer work.

Moving back to the design of the feature, it has all of the important information pulled from your account & dashboard. While there aren’t any major changes here for the user, the benefit is allowing anyone to get a great overview of how you’ve been performing recently.

The goal is that eventually the two parties become linked via the Teacher Dashboard so you don’t need to share your link all the time. However, we know that it sometimes takes trying many different instructors to find one you truly gel with, so the Profile Sharing feature is a great way to bridge the gap temporarily.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are additional data points you would like to be able to share. We hope you enjoy this new feature!


Thanks for the cool update. Here you go folks: AshuRage's Recent Bunpro Progress | Bunpro – Japanese Grammar Explained


拝見せざるを得なかった :wink:


The guy from the screenshot :cowboy_hat_face:


This is pretty cool! But looking at my own makes me feel naked and exposed. So many troubled grammar points!


Yeah, really struggle with that one. 🥲 I have never seen that being used in any literature or series yet.


With the name of this update, I thought you were about to Netflix us.
This is much better than I thought it would be!


Just a recommendation, not sure if others would find it useful, but as a teacher I would be quite interested in being able to see a wider range of students’ activity than just the two weeks It currently shows. Any thoughts of adding the review/learned heatmaps to the page?


Here’s mine!


Nice! You got a review spree this Tuesday, happy for you man.


Here’s mine as well.


The best thing about bunpro compared with other tools is that it doesn’t try to be the sole only resource you’ll ever need to learn X. I think the Bunpro team is well aware that its impossible, and I like how focused it is on being a companion if you want.


Nice feature ! I find it even useful for self learners beaucause it helps to get a more objective view of your progress (not the most pleasant time, when you see all your difficulties, but it helps !)

Would it be possible to filter data depending on review type ? For example, I have both vocab and grammar points, and I am more concerned about troubled grammar than vocab. And there is much more vocab, so it could be really usefull to filter this items out.

Thanks !


Yes, please :pray:.


This is mine - didifbeksiskeodn's Recent Bunpro Progress | Bunpro – Japanese Grammar Explained

I think “Last Month” Learned Content is wrong for me. It looks like it pulled in a bunch of WaniKani vocab that I’ve synced over the last year. I stopped seriously using WK in September.

Troubled content looks just right though… ugh.

I love this feature. Could it also show the JLPT level progress bars?


I’m so happy, that’s SO COOL! (⁠ノ⁠≧⁠∇⁠≦⁠)⁠ノ⁠ ⁠ミ⁠ ⁠┻⁠━⁠┻

Excuse me if I’m getting too cocky, but maybe I become the spark of this idea? :laughing:

I thought you guys didn’t consider the idea because I wasn’t answered on that, but then the thing appears done 2 weeks later?! :rofl:

And here is mine! imsamuka's Recent Bunpro Progress | Bunpro – Japanese Grammar Explained


Thank you for this update. I would love if you added the JLPT progress bars though. For me this is much clearer way of seeing someone’s progress than just a total number of items per SRS stage. Thanks <3


That was indeed the spark :fire:


:bunprogold: Update #1

Just a lil feature update for ya’ll, based on your feedback.

Thanks to @Inounx, @Jose7822, @didifbeksiskeodn, @Saraph for the suggestions/+1-ing the suggestions.

:gear: Filter Learned Content / Troubled Content by type

Filter between Grammar, Vocab and All with these new filters

:bar_chart: Added JLPT progress bars

Added by popular demand!

:link: Added ‘Share’ button to Dashboard

Added this lil guy to your Dashboard for easier access to the Share feature.

Will also update to tell you if your code has expired.


Perfect! Thank you :pray: