Question about Bunpro Subscription

Hello! New user here considering pulling the trigger on Bunpro lifetime! I’ve been a WK user for a while now and absolutely love it for vocab, as it has allowed me to learn tons of new vocab without really having to think about how to study (I simply just do my reviews each day, and reinforce it with reading and KaniWani!) However, I realized that even with my Japanese class using genki, my grammar was a bit lacking, meaning that in language exchanges I wasn’t really able to utilize a lot of the vocab I’ve gained from WK. I’ve been using bunpro for a few weeks now and it seems to be a great solution for my problem: not only can I choose to follow along with my textbook to reinforce what I’m learning in class, but I can also see my progress by JLPT level! It seems to lend itself to the same “study daily and you’ll progress” kinda thing that I get with WK. Only problem is that I notice I get lots of the same sentences for each grammar point every day, to the point where my brain has (unfortunately) begun to latch on to the sentence rather than the grammar point. However, in the Bunpro subscription details, I saw something about “multiple example sentences”. Does this mean that a subscription would make my review sentences more varied? If not, has anyone else had this problem and found any good ways of keeping your brain from attaching to the sentences rather than the grammar point? Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you guys! :smiley:

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Hey! Welcome to the forums.
Glad our app fixed a lot of your learning problems!

Each grammar point usually has about 10 example sentences (this is especially true for the grammar points at the N5/N4 level). I’m assuming you’re still in the Trial Period of your account, which means you should have all these sentences.

What you’re probably seeing are actually Ghost reviews.
These are special bonus reviews that appear when you get a question wrong, and appear in addition to your regular Reviews. You can find more about them in the FAQ section here.

If you’re seeing too many ghosts, I recommend turning down their frequency on the settings page, under General > Ghost Reviews.

Hope this helps!
Happy studying :cowboy_hat_face:

Ah, this makes complete sense! That sounds correct, especially given my consistent conjugation mistakes meaning I’m missing the same sentences and hence getting lots of ghost reviews for them :sweat_smile: . I will keep at it then, and keep an eye on what points are entering my ghost reviews so I can give them extra study! Thank you so much once again! Keep up the great work!


Well you will see the same sentences here and there that just happens. But there is just a lot lot lot of sentences so I wouldn’t worry about it. Personally I think Bunpro is better than WK. I used wanikani for like a good year and learned a bit from it. I felt the same way too though I knew a bunch of words but I couldn’t do anything with them because I didn’t know any of the grammar or the rules.
If you’re wondering if it is worth the price then my answer would be yes. Personally I don’t even use wanikani anymore. And I don’t think I’m going to start using it again either because Wanikani just seems like a slow way to learn. Also this site now has decks sorted by JLPT level for vocab. It isn’t perfect but it’s good.
And you will forget most of the sentences, you’ll remember the grammar but not the sentences. So when you get to the SRS level where you wait 1 month of something for the next review of that type you won’t remember the sentence.

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