Question about example sentence


I see this example sentence, but I don’t understand the translation.

お酒は飲む - I get this part, I drink alcoholic beverages
飲まないです - I don’t drink (it)

How exactly does wine come into it? Wouldn’t this more properly be translated (nonsensically) as “I drink alcoholic beverages, but I don’t drink them.” I’m still pretty new to Japanese, so apologies if I’m misunderstanding something!

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Looks like an error from the site to me


I might be reading into this too much, but I think if we were given the full context of this sentence then wine can be derived from that. One definition of 飲む is 酒をからだに入れる。(lit: put alcohol into the body), so I can see that in a given context wine could come from that, where the person drinks sake, but they don’t drink wine. Like I said before, I’m probably overthinking this, so someone correct me if I’m wrong. Even if I am right, the example sentence doesn’t really explain this so I feel like it should be corrected.

This looks like an error, thanks for reporting it! Will fix it asap. :blush: