Question about sentence, まだ親しくならない内に…

So there’s a sentence from my queue that made me think a little bit:

The translation reads “Before we became close, my co-worker quit.”

The question is, when I read the translation, I get an implication that they did become close. The nuance of ないうちに is, however, negative, from the explanation on the grammar page. So when I read the original, I get the sense that they didn’t, or couldn’t become close, making the translation in my head roughly “before we could become close,” but I’m not sure if that’s correct at all. Is there some nuance I’m missing here?


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Yeah, it’s the latter nuance, I’m pretty sure. They had not yet become close when the co-worker quit. (possible they became close afterwards but going off the available information all we know is that they didn’t become close at the time)