Question about the links

I just started a trial of bunpro and I love it so far, I have a question for you guys that finished all of it. How much did you have to read from the external links for each grammar point? Are the bullet points from the summary enough or do you have to read each link in depth? Because I kinda got lazy and stopped reading the links… but I am just wondering if there are some weird rules that would trip me up later? For example the quiz questions do they involve every variation of the rule to test you? Basically my problem is im too lazy to read every single link and also watch misa and dolly because then that would take 1 hour for each grammar point, I don’t mind doing that but because all of this stuff overlaps and each video is so dragged out I start getting bored very quickly.

It would be really cool if the bullet points were enough information or the site could say “YOU MUST READ THIS!” or something.

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Hey rogerkins, welcome to Bunpro Community!

To answer your question: I personally only read them sometimes. I’m also a tad lazy when it comes to clicking the links and following an in depth explanation for each grammar point.

The links at times contain very similar explanations, but one might click with you better than the other. I personally always like looking up videos for a grammar point when I don’t get what is going on. I at first always try to just do reps for the grammar point just based on the explanation on bunpro and the example sentences. When I notice my understanding of the grammar point is lacking or if I get questions relating to the point wrong consistently, that is when I start looking at the links.

So, basically my advice is: If you read the bullet points on bunpro and look at example sentences and you don’t get it, it’s time to do some extra digging and click on one of the links or look for the grammar point on youtube, perhaps. In case you keep giving incorrect answers on a certain grammar point, it is probably also time to take a look at the explanations

In the end though, it’s also a matter of personal preference. Some people want in depth explanations before they try their hands on the examples. I personally like to dive in if I have some sense of understanding and then I’ll just learn as I go along and if I get stuck, I just look up the grammar points or click some of the links.


Thanks, thats a perfect explanation! I guess I am just worried for no reason.

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Hi, welcome to Bunrpo!

Don’t worry about the links. The links are there just to make life easier if needed.

Bunpro has evolved a lot in a good way over the last 2 years. Bunpro’s explanations and example sentences are good enough. Normally around 5th / 6th review, things start to click for me… The quiz questions are good for studying and have clear explanations when 2+ grammar points may be correct in a sentence.

Towards N3/ N2 / N1, it does get a bit more abstract…That’s when I would say the links become more useful as its faster to find extra sentences / explanations if needed… At some point, I feel like reading becomes more important and Bunpro is like the AHA moment where the grammar clicks…

The main point is to have fun and enjoy the process!