Question Regarding the SRS and Making Mistakes

Good day. I was wondering if someone could clarify what happens when you make a mistake and how it affects the SRS.

For example, if I am on a grammar question that is at Expert 2 (SRS 11) and I get it wrong, do I go back to SRS 10? And if so, would it be another six months to make an attempt? Or does it go to SRS 12 once the ghost is cleared up?

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If you fail a review, the SRS level is decreasing by one. So it goes from SSR 11 to SSR 10 (clearing the ghost don’t change anything).

In the settings, you have a few ghosts options.

  • Ghosts off (no ghosts are created)
  • Ghosts on (ghosts are created every time we fail, starting at level 1)
    — If you answer correctly, the ghost level in increases by 1, so from level 1 to 4
    — If you fail the ghost, the ghost level is reduced by one
    — At level 4, when you answer correctly, he vanishes :ghost:
  • Minimal Ghost (ghosts are created ONLY if you fail twice in a row)

Hope that’s clear some infos
And have a nice day :wink:

Ps : The ghost setting options are under Settings => General


Thank you very much for clarifying! I’ll need to really slow down on the higher SRS levels :grinning:

To add onto this, what counts as failing a review? What happens if you get it wrong but change your answer to be correct before continuing? Because I have failed reviews more than twice without continuing and have not gotten any ghosts. Also the accuracy still shows as 100% or doesn’t count the ones which I fixed before continuing. I don’t want to accidentally increase the level of the reviews I’m not too comfortable with yet so I am wondering if something different happens if you correct a review before continuing.

A review is only marked as “failed” if you go “next” on an answer that is marked as wrong (red). If you press undo, then enter the correct answer, the grammar point will not be marked as wrong in the system. This action will generate a ghost review unless you have set Bunpro to give you a ghost after getting the same sentence incorrect twice.

All reviews that were marked wrong will either show up at the end of the session or if you finish your session early via the “wrap it up” feature.