[Question Request Thread] FAQ Update

It’s been nearly a full year since we updated Bunpro’s FAQ and with the extensive changes we have made in the past three months (and some pretty major ones coming before the end of the year), we thought this would be a good time to redo the FAQ. We wanted to reach out and ask if there are any questions you have now or have had in the past.

If there is any confusion on how or why certain things are the way they are on Bunpro, or anything in general you would like to see answered or added please don’t hesitate to ask.

There are questions asked all the time in various threads, so if we happened to miss yours, please let us know!

Current FAQ for reference

There is no limit to the types of questions you can ask, it will all be useful for creating a resource for all levels of learners in the future. Something that may seem small to you could end up being a big question for someone else.

Thank you for helping and supporting us in making Bunpro a better Japanese language resource each and every day!

PS Big changes are cooking for Bunpro in the near future!

We got tired of existing recipes, so we decided to do things from scratch. Stay tuned! :wink:


I’d like to see the specific SRS intervals of both ghost and regular reviews added to FAQ. Also, a more in-depth explanation of ghosts would be superb.


what does 硬 means exactly in context? the transaltion shoud be “hard”, but most of grammar points with this kanji states that the are mostly written-only or very formal.

is there a bunpro-specific definition?


I’d probably add to the Study section that Bunpro should be complemented with other learning methods/tasks as it doesn’t teach for example Kanji on it’s own.

Maybe also reference the yearly sale from when to when it happens.


This is always scary.


Yes I think the FAQ should have a link the the structure legend. Some people are dumb like me forget it’s part of most lessons and get frustrated when they can’t find it


Bunpro is going to be redesigned using the programming language targeted for children? It would be pretty revolutionary and I’m on board.

But seriously. I have to praise the team for NOT requiring a credit card for a trial. I think that’s a very small, but ethical business practice and says a lot about the team. Thank you for doing that.


How does Bunpro choose which websites to include in the additional resources tab? As there are sometimes links to things like stackexchange and less known websites, have all the links been vetted for accuracy prior to being added?


It is 08:03 am. Why can’t I access my 8 am reviews?

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(Not sure if it’s a question to be added to the FAQ and you know the answer or a legit question, I’ll answer regardless but it’s a good question to add)

Because that’s how it works in WaniKani, here the reviews get saved with the minutes included. So it could be 8:30AM or 8:48AM or 8:59AM before you can access them.
It’s wrong apparently.

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Yeah that was a question for the FAQ, because I’m sure it’s something a lot of people are confused about at first. But thanks! :slight_smile:

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TBH changing the behaviour could be nice too…

Currently there’s no way to tell at what minute the reviews are going to be in, without spoiling yourself what the reviews are by going to your profile and selecting upcoming grammar…


That’s not how it works either. Bunpro gives you new reviews every half an hour. So on xx:00 and xx:30 you get new reviews.


Oh, I didn’t know it got rounded to 30 minutes, I just didn’t poke deep enough into upcoming grammar because that defeats the point of the SRS.

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Except SRS0-1 reviews and ghosts, they come in the same minute you learned/failed them a few hours ago, it happened to me several times. Maybe this can also be true for some grammar points learned a while ago when minutes for next review time wasn’t rounded.

Totally agree, that button in the Profile page irritates me. When I accidentally click it once in a month I get spoiled about upcoming grammar and therefore about right answers, so this button should be moved to a separate page I think.

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When you click your name at the top then > Profile, it should show you how many are upcoming and when they will be without having to click that +Show Upcoming Grammar button, if that makes sense. Sounds like you know this, but just in case others don’t I figured it’d be a good FYI.

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It also means stiff, which is what they’re referring to. Stiff here means that if you use it, you sound way too formal for a standard conversation. But it can be used in some situations, so knowing about it can be quite useful.


The current faq states

The number that appears next to the current number of grammar points available in each JLPT (N) level and that is enclosed in parentheses is Future Grammar

but if I go to all grammar and click some JLPT level, I don’t see the number of points… Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.