I’m trying to puzzle out how to use Bunpro, and I have a question. Do you always want the informal style, unless you specifically say polite? What exactly is the code here?

I’m 61, and would really prefer to default to the polite version in conversation (since I suspect I won’t be talking to a lot of teenagers on the street). Thus far, this means I’ve been getting a lot of answers wrong. Any help with figuring out your internal logic would be appreciated…


Hey :grinning:

In general, the short form answer is the default one unless specified. Though we are currently adding more polite form answers.

Sorry for the inconvenience :bowing_man:


No problem - I just hate wrong answers… I realize that most people studying Japanese are kids (from my perspective, at least), and of course anime and video games are all informal. I can hardly wait to accidentally say “wakatta” to my sensei…
Maybe the polite version as an acceptable alternative?


Yes this is on our to-do-list, but ATM we are uploading N2 sentences + checking N3 sentences so that higher level expressions will not be used in lower level lessons (+revamping N3 sentences in general). So adding those additional alternative answers will have to wait a bit :bowing_man:

But generally, if you use polite words at the end of a sentence instead of short forms it will not be a real error.


Frankly, I’m in awe over how much you’ve accomplished here - so no pressure from my end! And thanks for all your hard work!


Sorry not related to your question, but I thought I would comment

You should still learn both forms if you plan to have some mastery of the language, as learning how verbs conjugate from the dictionary form is fundamental. Also, if you plan to make friends in Japanese at any point - you’ll eventually want to stop talking politely or it could make you seem weird or cold (or just foreign)

If you’re learning for business purposes or travel and talking to strangers only, I suppose the polite form only is fine :slight_smile:

edit: Reading your post again I get that you just want your default to be polite, and that totally makes sense.