Quickest "Oh, I just studied that" Moment

This probably isn’t worth a whole thread of its own, so sorry for the feed clutterage, but I just studied 関する for the first time, clicked to a different tab I had open, and saw this:

Like dang. That was fast.
Anyone else had that happen? lol


Have had this happen a few times, I think the most recent was probably with は疎か (let alone). When I saw it I remembered thinking ‘oh, it exists in real life’ :sweat_smile:


I learned 一応 ( just in case) on Friday and when I moved into a new apartment on Saturday the landlord used it to describe the emergency exit.


Happened the other day with a verb I was struggling to remember, 誘う I think. To be fair it might have been learning it on my Genki deck and then reading it in the Genki textbook! Not quite the same thing is it! Oh look the vocab you wanted us to learn, you’re using! :rofl:


I just had this happen about ten minutes after reading this thread. I just learnt the n3 grammar point “とともに” and it showed up in satori reader “康平は、薄気味悪さとともに、だんだんと怒りが湧いてきた。”. It’s happened a few times, but usually not this quickly.