"Reanswer" button bug

I’ve already written it one time, but it couldn’t be solved. Now I will try again, providing more accurate information.
When the grammar point arrives at the 7 level, you cannot use the button “show answer” and then reanswer with it, otherwise it will pop up in the next review with the level 0(so frustrating, damn). All other derivatives of grammar points stay the same. I don’t know how to clearly call it: probably grammar point has a few sentences, which are leveled up independently. So, only the sentence, on which you used the above-stated combination button is reversed back to level 0.
Fix this, please, I can’t take it anymore.

This is intended behavior, because I think you are talking about ghost reviews.

So the way it works is this: each grammar point has its main SRS level. When you answer that grammar point wrong, two things happen:

  1. The grammar point’s srs is reduced by two steps (say SRS 7 goes to SRS 5), so you will this grammar point again sooner. This review always shows a new sentence when it comes up for a review again.
  2. A ghost review of that specific sentence is created with an SRS level of 0. And you will review it 4 times before it disappears again. Ghost reviews have a max SRS level of 4. The ghost review will always show the specific sentence you got wrong. You can recognize it as a ghost review by the ghost symbol in the upper right when you are reviewing.

Here is a link to the FAQ that will take you directly to ghost reviews.

If you don’t like the ghost review system, it is possible to change the setting for them. There are three options: on, minimal, off.


The SRS drops just one level :wink:

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Oh, that’s what it is! Thank you, it’s clearer now.


Oh, I thought it was the same as WK that drops two. ^^