Repeating lessons? ばよかった in N4 and N3

So, ばよかった appeared in N3 and I had previously studied it in N4. I even searched it and found it

Is this a bug? I dont see the point for a grammar point appear again, will this happen with other points as well?

Hey @evandcs ! :grin:

We are aware of the issue, and one of them will be replaced with newer grammar point eventually.



@mrnoone It seems that the N3 version is still around after the N3 clean up but it is without any explanation.


This should have been removed already. I just let the guys know that have the power to obliviate it! It should be gone asap, sorry for the delay! :bowing_man:


FYI on top of this one, there is another duplicate in N3, ~と言っても. In fact, they are even in the same section. The one I skipped has no writeup, the one later in the list does.