Resources for daily writing

Hey all, I’m not sure if this has been asked before so I’m sorry if it has, but I’m wondering if there are any good websites/apps out there for daily journaling/diary-ing built specifically for Japanese? I know of things like Evernote but I think it just has too much functionality, I just want to make an entry daily or something to keep practicing my japanese. Let me know, thanks!

Hey! I haven’t come across any specific apps or websites that help, but I have some ideas.

My first thought would be to change the keyboard setting on your phone or computer and use a basic note/word document. This will allow you to type the way you want and gain that important writing experience (though, electronically).

What I would really suggest, though, is pen (pencil) and paper. Nothing beats physically writing it out and I think you main gain more than just Japanese from the practice.

Best of luck!

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Writing is hard for me… my handwriting is bad and I also can’t really write the kanji too well… But writing practice would probably be the best way to train a bunch of stuff so maybe I should try that out. Thanks for the advice though!

If you want to practice your handwriting I would recommend you to use an app called Ringotan. It is very useful to learn the stroke order of every kanji and also uses SRS as presentation method.

Just wanted to say, as someone who uses ringotan daily, it isn’t actually good for practicing handwriting as it isn’t freeform. However, it is really good for learning and memorizing the stroke orders which you can then use to write normally on paper or in a notes app or something.

Personally I just write stuff on a whiteboard and erase it, mostly to conserve paper.