Review Forecasting Request

I do my reviews at the same time every day and try to check my review forecast to gauge how many new grammar and vocab items I should add to keep it at a reasonable level but the review forecast really bugs me.


Having to manually hover over each of these four blocks and then do the mental math to find out how many reviews I’ll have in 24 hours feels so unnecessary. I do like the UI and think the graph looks cool but just a little (x reviews in the next 24hrs) somewhere would be great.


I agree, a running total at a specific time is how I like to manage my new item additions.

Perhaps another way this could be presented is by adding 2 new lines on the existing graph. The lines would be cumulative and have hover points to see the total at a specific point.

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Much like we redid the Review, Summary, Grammar Point/Vocab pages with the 2.0 Beta, we’re going to be redoing the Dashboard.

In fact, it’s almost done.

I’ll add a note to more clearly show the cumulative total for the Review Forecast :ok_hand: