Reviews Came During Vacation Mode

I had over 100 reviews last week, and knew I’d want to take about another week off. So I went in vacation mode. I just logged in and now I have 205 reviews. This is not helpful to me, and I don’t think this is correct(?).

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Thanks for reaching out about that. I will take a look. For the time being, I can manually bump your reviews back by a week (or other period of time if you prefer). Just let me know!

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Aw gosh, that’s helpful, thank you! :smiley:

I activated vacation mode nearly two weeks ago, yet it says I have 26 reviews now. Why did this happen?

Edit: Oh, I see, they went away once I turned off vacation mode. This seems like confusing behaviour, though. If I come back to see 26 reviews, of course I’m going to think something went wrong.

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It’s the same for me. I activated vacation mode on March 19th, but still got reviews.
Is there a way to set it back to before vacation mode for me as well?

I’m sorry to still bother you all, but my reviews are still high, because of the vacation mode bug.

Is there any way to reset my reviews to March 18th or 19th? I would really appreciate some help.

Another problem. Vacation mode was supposed to have been changed so that we can keep our streaks when it’s turned on. But when I turn it off, all the built-up reviews are postponed to the next day, making it impossible for me to keep my reviews. And even if I time it just right, and manage to do my reviews the same day I turned off vacation mode, my streak still resets to 1!