Run, Bike, Triathlon Races in Japan (Reading practice)

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So, I love traveling while doing races at the same time. I have a uni friend in Japan and he had been sending me many local race info for me.
It’s not easy, but I used them as reading practices (without the help on any chrome extensions).


Tokyo marathon
Yokohama Marathon
Chiba Marathon
Saitama Marathon
Kyoto Marathon
Lake Biwa Marathon
Osaka Marathon
Nara Marathon
Kobe Marathon
Kansai Senshu Marathon
Itabashi city run 開催要項 | 2023板橋Cityマラソン【公式】



I’m a big supporter of studying with materials focused on your actual interests. Almost anything you would also read in your own language makes for good study material, in my opinion. I’m glad you’ve got someone who can send you the goods - I’m sure you’ll be making a bucket list of races to join if you visit!

It definitely gets a lot easier the more you read, too. The same kind of vocab comes up often, you start to get a feel for what kinda stuff is gonna be included… I spent a year or so buying almost every copy of a particular enka/kayokyoku magazine, and by the end of it I was able to speed through most of the articles inside. I’d started off needing a dictionary, my phone to check up unknown kanji, and the willpower to sit and work through the struggles in the first place.