Ryou Flashcards - SRS and practice app for kanji and vocabulary

Hi, everyone!

I would like to present to the community an app I’ve been working on for the past months, Ryou Flashcards.

I put it online by the end of 2019 and since then I’ve been gathering feedback from a few users and adding more features, currently it has:

  • Around 2300 kanji, including all the characters from the Jouyou kanji list, RTK and KKLC. Kanji are also grouped by JLPT level and Genki lessons.
  • Over 10000 words, users can also add their own. Initially, it was only ~ 7k words so users have already added around 3k.
  • Extensive search for both kanji and words.
  • Kanji stroke order and kanji reading frequency.
  • A notes system for kanji, similar to Koohii’s stories.
  • SRS and also an unlimited practice mode. Similar to Bunpro’s cram.
  • Example sentences from Tatoeba for the words.
  • Links to Forvo for all words. For those who don’t know it, Forvo is a pronuntiation database, with recordings by native speakers.
  • Over 40 vocabulary units based on different subjects, for instance weather, nature, family, etc. I will be releasing more units in the future.

Ryou doesn’t enfore any order of study like Wanikani and other apps do. Users are free to add any items they want to their reviews and at any time.

I think this is good because it provides certain freedom. You can stumble upon a few unknown kanji or words when reading something and just add them to your reviews.

For those who prefer a structured study, you can still follow the order in the books (Genki, RTK, KKLC) or study by grades or JLPT.

Some screenshots:

There’s also a mode of study in which Ryou will guide you through some kanji, I just finished it this weekend so it might still need some tweakings:


Sorry, I had to convert it to gif and the quality went down the drain, you can see it in better quality here.

There app is entirely free and has no ads, I’m focused on expanding the user base and getting more feedback on it. Please, take a look at it and let me know what you think!

I hope it’s OK to post this here :blush:

That’s all for now, if anyone has any questions or suggestions, I’d be glad to answer! You can contact me by replying to this thread or on [email protected].


I made an account and I don’t seem to be hacked or anything yet. So far so good, boys.


Oh no, I’m not trying to hack anyone. It’s just a personal project that I’m now trying to get to more people :slight_smile:

How was your experience with the app?

I just tried it out. It’s looking pretty good, is there some way to add synonyms like in wanikani?


Hi, thanks for trying it out!

Unfortunately, we can’t add synonyms at the moment but I’ve been talking to many users and implementing many features they request. I might add it anytime soon.

There is a report system though, if you feel like a synonym should definitely be accepted, you can report it and I will add it. Not the best solution but it might help for now, while I don’t implement synonyms.

Cool it’s not a huge problem. I basically only use WaniKani for vocab right now, so being able to customize which vocabulary I’m learning sounds awesome! Thanks for working on this app, and keep up the good work!

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yeah, i’m using it almost from the beginning. it has two modes, comes in random order i guess, one type is close and the other is just a simple choose one type.

it either asks you the meaning or reading. i’m using it with anki/memorion and having good results so far.

you can use it for words too but it seemed too much for me:grinning:

thanks for the app, it’s pretty useful and free. so why not?

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