[Script] Don't show an SRS marker on unknown related grammar

When looking at grammar points, that seem closely related to others, like てあげる, てくれる, and てもらう I often look down at the related grammar section to check whether my hunch, that I’ve learned something similar already, is true.

But unfortunately, grammar points, that I have not yet learned, are shown in the same way as grammar points with low SRS levels.

I wrote a small user script, that fixes that.

You can install it from here:

Or copy the CSS rule inside the script and add it with your browser add-on of choice.


OMG thank youuuu!!! :heart_eyes:


Could this be fixed natively? @Asher

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It’s a good idea! Unfortunately it’s not part of the website that I am responsible for though. I’ll pass on the message to the development guys!

Although nothing is set in stone, we were actually talking about redesigning the SRS level indicators in the near future, so that ‘where’ you are in the learning process is far easier to tell at a glance.


I sent feedback along these lines to them two weeks ago or somesuch, and did not yet get as much as a response, so I’m not holding my breath for this to get fixed natively :joy_cat:

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I did too, so I broke out the ol’ javascript.

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I don’t know if you want to switch to dark mode, but it does not do this in dark mode! I saw this thread and was confused because for some reason when I made my account, it defaulted to dark mode, and I don’t see those marks on the suggested grammar. I switched to light mode and sure enough, there they are!

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