Sentences Used for Reviews


I’ve come into Bunpro with some (now) very old experience with Japanese from back in high school, and despite that I’m still starting from the beginning. I’ve mostly been introduced to all the grammar it labels as being for N5, but as I was doing reviews I was curious. As I enter into N4, N3, and higher levels of grammar and such will the example sentences being used during Reviews of both grammar and vocab also increase in length/difficulty? Or will they remain relatively short and mostly just utilize the grammar piece that they’re focused on reviewing?

The lessons themselves employ more complicated examples from N4 and above, so I’m hoping those enter the review rotation. Is that how it works?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, the vocabulary used follows the grammar level. so n3 gramar will include n3 level words, when available. of course that doesn’t mean it will use exclusively n3 words, as well as this the example sentences for the grammar points often go from easier examples to more nuanced examples below so you can see it used with more advanced words too.

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Thank God for that. When I see examples labeled as n2 or n1, I’m so overwhelmed by the complexity I can’t even imagine that I’ll ever reach that level…

Excellent, thank you! I read (or try to parse) the higher level example sentences during the lessons, but then unless I go looking they have yet to reappear, which seems perfectly reasonable. It’s good to know they will increase in difficulty as I, hopefully, increase in comprehension.

what I meant by that is if you scroll to the bottom of the grammar explanation and see the example sentences, they go from easiest to hardest- vocabulary wise. As for reviews, I think any of the examples can be selected at random.

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Is not so random, I think easier examples appear first, and then when you reach better comprehension, new examples are unlocked.