Should I reset the progress?

I’m considering resetting my BP account to get some extra practice. Specifically for N4 and N3. Even though I finished everything including N3 it feels that I still don’t fully understand many grammar points and just guessing the answer rather than really understanding them.

Has anyone done the same yet?

It may seem like just creating a lot of work for myself, but I think it souldn’t really be the case. I was able to complete N5 in just 2-3 weeks and N4 in another month, so completing everything up to and inclusing N3 shouldn’t take more than 2 months or so, since this time I will know majority of the stuff there. At least that’s what I think :slight_smile:


Personally, I’d sooner comb through and reset certain grammar points than wipe the slate entirely clean. Being selective and targeting the grammar you struggle most with should be a more efficient/effective use of your time (and also, notably less demotivating).

Besides that, I’d recommend being very harsh during reviews, using the “undo” button as minimally as possible; if you need a hint of any sort to guide you towards the correct answer, mark that review wrong.


Also consider adding your own sentences for specific grammar. For the N1 I added a sentence for each grammar point that wasn’t on BP. I thought it might be useless since it was just one sentence each but it was surprisingly helpful!


I second adding your own sentences; I usually just grab sentences from grammar and textbooks, or steal liberally from the [Readings] links. I’ve abandoned Anki in favor of putting everything in Bunpro…which has resulted in me earning ‘Anki’ badges.


Could you just use the cram feature to get some extra practice on particular points rather than resetting?


@Rowena Agreed. I’ve done this before, it helps me greatly. If you cram a point and find you can never get it right, you could reset to get more practice with it if you’d like, but that’s up to you.


Just wanted to say everyone above - thank you for sharing your advices :slight_smile:

I still went ahead and bitten the bullet. Now a month or so later I can confidently say it was the right decision. There were a lot of grammar points which I realized I was lacking in. Even in N3. But there were a couple N4 grammar points where I benefited from extra study.

Now I’m almost back to where I was before, but this time with much better understanding of everything and extra practice.

For those considering doing the same as me - there is no harm in extra practice. Go ahead and reset everything. You will be able to catch back up quickly.


That’s what I did, I found that because I reset everything it was actually easier to progress and go through it that way.