So... how do you study?

Being still a total beginner both with Japanese and Bunpro, I’m feeling a bit unclear on how to use the “Study” feature best.

I’m currently doing it like this:

  • I try to study 3 grammar points (because that’s the least amount I can set…) every few days.
  • When studying, I read at least one Reading on each grammar point before continuing. Sometimes the linked resources have a ton of information, so I don’t continue with the study session until the next day when I have enough brain capacity and time to read the resources of the other
  • Every new grammar point that still has open Readings gets bookmarked.
  • Every day I go through the bookmarked grammar points and read one or two Readings I have still open.

I honestly wish I could set the study batch size to 1 so I could learn at least one per day while still doing a minimal around of reading on the grammar points…

So… what do you folks do? How many new (unknown to you) items do you study per day or week? Do you read all resources in the “Readings” section when studying? What do you do with the “Readings” you didn’t read while studying?


I used to do 3 new grammar points per day, but that was only after I was already N4~N3 and had a pretty solid foundation. Since you’re starting from the top, maybe 1-2 per session would be better, depending on how you feel after adding the first new one.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something you can comfortably do consistently,
because consistency is always king in language learning :wink:


Just bear in mind that 文プロ is more for reviewing than learning (to help you retain what you’ve already covered), although it can also serve as a very nice guide to see what grammar there is to explore.


I usually do 5 easy grammar points (like や) per 2 days or 3 hard ones (like なければならない) in a week. Usually, though, it´s something in between, a mixture of both easy and hard ones.

I only read the ressources if the grammar is hard. And even then i mostly stick to my favorite ones (for example japaneseAmmo or Imabi).


I usually try to do 3-6 a day unless I get way too many reviews, do my reviews each day, grind it all out.

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I agree, but: How do you add less than 3? In my options, 3 is the minimum lessons batch size.

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Yes, if you use “Study”. But you can simply go to a grammar point’s page (Example Link if you want to see it RIGHT NOW (for example, via Grammar->Lessons), and then on it’s “Reading”-page, you can click “Add To Reviews”.
After you’ve added all the points you want, you can click “Reviews” and there you go! :slight_smile:


Have you considered the book paths since you are just starting out? I haven’t used them but the response has been very positive as you will get more in-depth analysis that is consistent along with a lesson plan.

The ‘Reading’ links are not entirely consistent. Maggie Sensei is a native and has been solid but some of the other links are other learners giving their ‘opinion’ so I’d say proceed with caution.

I add points if I come across them else where or if I already know them, otherwise go in order when convenient. I use the Grammar Dictionary series and Grammar handbook often . The grammar message board here is very good as well for help (outside native teacher/tutors also helpful), best of luck!


I actually would always just browse new grammar and hand-pick whatever looked easiest. This made every new lesson feel like a super tiny step forward, but the end result was that the grammar I added a month into studying was likely something that felt way beyond me at the start of that month!

If you have a textbook though (which I’d highly recommend for anyone just starting), you can also follow the “paths” on 文プロ like @s1212z mentioned to easily go in the order the textbook authors felt was best.


Oooh! I’ve looked for a button like that all over, and here it was, hidden at the bottom of the Readings page. Thank you so much!

I’ll definitely buy a book at some point, but for now I’m plenty busy with WaniKani + Pimsleur + adding a few grammar points in Bunpro + Imabi / Tae Kim / whatever else is linked from Bunpro. Thanks for the advice and warning though!


@opgjoh and @testing The “Add to Reviews” button is also located on the Meaning page of each grammar point, under the structure and grammar notes. :wink:


I’ll definitely buy a book at some point, but for now I’m plenty busy with WaniKani + Pimsleur + adding a few grammar points in Bunpro + Imabi / Tae Kim / whatever else is linked from Bunpro. Thanks for the advice and warning though!

I know that pain! I’m using several resources aswell (Torii, Bunpro/Tae Kim, Anki, Kanjidamage…)

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Initially when I started studying Japanese for 2 months or so, I copied all of Tae Kim and a book about essential Japanese grammar and would go over my notes nearly every week sometimes daily.

This year, I bought a new notebook, a couple of JLPT Grammar N3 and N2 books and sticky notes to mark “done grammar”. One of the books is the “main” one.
Once a month / week I will find the same grammar point/s on Bunpro and in (hopefully) all the books plus Youtube ( eg Nihongonomori) / Tae Kim / etc and make my own notes on the grammar point and “Add to Reviews”.
The whole idea is to find very easy to understand sentences and easy to understand grammar explanations so that (almost) everything is in Japanese… Even though the whole process is really time consuming :smiley:


Haha. Looks like I’m more blind that I thought I was!

Maybe it was because I expected the tabs to be the same whether I go to “Study” or to individual lessons. And to be honest I’d probably not expect this button to be in the tab area at all since it doesn’t relate to the context of Meaning/Readings. I don’t know where I’d place it though.

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