🌈 ✨ Stories of funny mistakes when learning Japanese ☀ 🌈 ✨

Just to keep the mood light, I wanted to share some stories of me buggering up Japanese and making funny mistakes. Embarrassing at the time, but good stories later haha.

One morning I wanted to say to my girlfriend that I thought she had lost weight.
I wanted to say “本当にやせたよね!” - You have lost weight, haven’t you!
I actually said “本当にやさいよね!” - You are a vegetable, aren’t you!
She was brushing her teeth at the time and spat it out all over me, a la sitcom

One night I was out with her and her friends and we went to プリクラ. I wrote a little message on one of the pictures
I wanted to say “We Are なかよし” - We are close friends
I actually said “We Are よこなし” - Nonsense, but could translate as “We are without horoizontals”

One day at school I was filling in a work trip request to go to the prefectural office. I handed the sheet to the vice principal, as I handed him the paper…
I wanted to say “(県庁)けんちょうに行きます” - I am going to the prefectural office
I actually said “(浣腸)かんちょうに行きます” - Loosely translates (poorly) as I’m going for a finger up my bum

One evening my girlfriend and I were settling in for the night, my alarm clock was broken so I wanted her to wake me up at the same time she was getting up for work.
I wanted to say “6時におこしてね” - Wake me up at 6 yeh?
I actually said “6時におかしてね” - Violate me at 6 yeh? HA

Anybody got similar stories? :smiley:


I don’t have any fun stories, but thank you for sharing! Great laugh in the morning :smile:


I have a similar one, also something I said to my girlfriend about a year and a half ago. There were lots of people at the station -
I wanted to say - 人はいっぱいね (There are lots of people!)
I said - 人はおっぱいね (People are boobies, arent they?)


Something like “馬の毛並み” passed by quickly in a game and I read it as “馬並み” and was completely confused by the direction the conversation had taken.


They really are, they really are.


Love mistakes like that that bring entirely new sub-stories to games and movies hahah


Yesterday I was talking to my GF and had noticed a zit and was like “あ~乳首だよ” Instead of “あ~面皰だよ”

Oh, a Nipple/Oh, a Zit


Hahah I get those mixed up allllll the time XD


Definitely. It happened as well with 御釜 because I was unaware of the alternative meaning so I thought they were just talking about a pot.


Funny isn’t it, i’ve never known that word to mean anything other than, well, that haha. Good to know it also means a pot, might start throwing that into conversations just for a laugh :wink:

edit: apparently お釜帽 is a bowler hat (snigger)


And the Japanese word for the korean city Busan is 釜山.


I have one that had my tutor dying xD

I wanted to say “他の人” but for some reason, and for the first time ever, my brain mixed in English, and I said “他のpeople” instead.

I also read 木々 as もくもく once and she found it wildly adorable. We still joke about it xD


There is something very cute about that haha


Most of mine come down to misunderstanings.
One that sticks out in my memory is when I told a girl her haircut looked nice and she said お世辞ですか
Jisho.com and Takoboto said that word means “compliment” so I thought she was asking if it was a compliment and I said yes. She didn’t look happy. This particular misunderstanding happened a few times before I realised what was happening. Later I learned that word actually means an insincere compliment you give someone just for the sake of being polite so she was essentially asking “are you just being nice?” and I said yes.


I recently saw a conversation in the comment section of bilibili where some chinese people were saying おありがとう to each other. I thought it was funny because I completely understood why they thought to use the お but yet it’s just odd.


Not entirely on topic but hey, it’s my topic ahha

This is comedy gold


If we’re allowed to go off topic I love this advert


I’ve used 刑務所 when referring to 事務所 in conversation several times.


My university had a big Japanese exchange program. One time I tried to flex my Japanese around a group of Japanese girls I’d just met, and I referred to them as あんたたち. They laughed. Loudly and a lot.


I had a brain mix-up moment. One time in a Japanese conversation group, I was talking with a native Japanese in Japanese. She found out that I knew some Spanish and wanted to practice her Spanish. So she suddenly asked me “Puedes hablar español?” (Can you speak Spanish?). I responded with “Un poquito だけ” (just a little bit — should be “solamente un poquito“). I was immediately like, “what the heck did I say??”