Strange review

Hi there, I don’t know if we can ask question about the review in the forum so i’ll give it a try.

I’ve faced this review, the grammar point is たら, and nowhere on the explanation we saw the かったら form. Is it normal to see this form ? If yes, is it possible to add an example with some explanation about it ? Because I’m totaly lost on this point and even if I read the lesson I can’t understand why it’s not だったら.

Sorry if it’s not the place to talk about that

「かったら」 is not a “form”. The way to make the 「たら」 form is to take the past form, and just add ら.


  • Ichidan verb: 食べる → 食べた → 食べたら
  • Godan verb: 飲む → 飲んだ → 飲んだら
  • Noun 犬(だ) → 犬だった → 犬だったら
  • な-adjective: 静か(だ) → 静かだった → 静かだったら
    • In these two cases, technically you’re modifying the だ copula itself, not the noun/adjective, but you get the idea
  • い-adjective: 薄い → 薄かった → 薄かったら

Is it clear now? Maybe you just missed that 薄い is an い-adjective?


ooooh ! great thank a lot for the explanation, I understand better now. That was not on the lesson, that’s why I was lost, but it’s clear now !