Streak Lost

Hello there! I’m wondering about the sudden reset of my streak? Although I’ve studied everyday (for a little over 30 days), even if just one review, I have suddenly lost my streak? On desktop it said I had over 30 days the other day and on the app it said I only had a 3 day streak. Now on desktop it says I only have a 4 day streak despite not missing a day. Is there a way to fix this? I haven’t changed anything having to do with my timezone either!

Hey! Are you able to use the recalc streak option here: ?

If not, I can manually update it from our side. :+1:

Hey! I was able to! Thanks! Can I ask why it reset?

We were tacking the data but didn’t trigger the code to calculate ans store updates to streaks. It was a limited edge case that is patched now.

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