Stuck on lesson

I am stuck on learning どこ. I already completed the lesson, but every time I try to advance to the next lesson, it will not let me. Please help!


still stuck…

any help is much appreciated

thank you

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Hi @KuroNeko1313 , I have forwarded this post to the dev team and someone should be in contact with you soon to help fix the issue. In the meantime, could you perhaps give a little more details about the issue? Are you using decks or paths, if paths, which path?

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Hi Asher,

Thank you for the reply.

So, I started with the regular grammar lessons provided by Bunpro, which starts with だ、です、は etc. And I stopped after completing どれ.

Then I switched to Genki I 3rd Edition [Grammar]. And took two lessons, どこ and どの.

Then yesterday I decided to switch back to my original Bunpro lessons.

At the grammar page it shows that I only completed どれ. Even though I completed どこ and どの, it does not show that I did.

So when I press learn button, it took me to どこ lesson. Then I pressed quiz me button. It asks me to continue. And when I pressed continue, it took me back to the どこ page.

And now I am stuck in a loop and can not proceed further than the どこ page.

Your help is much appreciated.


Are you using Reviews 2.0? (the URL would be /beta/learn if you are)
Or are you on the original reviews system?
If you are on the new system, does switching back to the old one work? (you can return to the old reviews system by removing the /beta portion of the above URL)

Let me know!

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Hi Sean,

Yes, I tried switching between reviews 2.0 and the original one.

As well as logging out and back in.

Still stuck


I believe this should be patched now! Would you mind giving it a try again please? Sorry for the trouble.


Hi Jake,

Thank you for the update.

I am able to continue the lessons.

Just one small thing, the どこ andどの did not have the bunpro stamp on them.

It is possible to get that fixed?

Thank you again for your help.


just want to give a quick shout-out to Bunpro staff for resolving these issues in a timely fashion and manner

you guys are awesome!

keep up the great work